CTTC Anthology Volume 2

by Cut To The Chase

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Manley on Cut To The Chase....

One night in the Way Back Machine I happened to be in a Chicago club called The Jazz Bulls. The band was fronted by singer Regina Brown, who had an astounding 5-octave range. The backing band was called Onstage, and the bass player, Larry Kimpel, played the funkiest bass lines I had ever heard in my life. And I thought if I could have the feeling I was having in that room that night, every night, if I could sustain that-- what better way to make my way in the world than by playing the bass for a living.

Up until this point, I was primarily a drummer and an amateur one at that. But I decided to take the plunge whole-heartedly. I was ravenous for all things BASS. I acquired a good bass guitar. Since I was essentially starting anew, I decided to get a fretless. The reasoning being that if learned to play that well, playing well on a fretted bass guitar wouldn't be much of a problem. I listened to everything. I made a list of bass players I had to see play live. I studied the Simandl and Rufus Reid books. I picked up my bass first thing in the morning, and was still playing it as that day ended and another one began.

I joined a musicians' referral service at a local music store and got an offer to join a cover band based out of Northwest Indiana. That band soon morphed into an original band called The Balance, led by myself and guitarist Craig Lachmund. We wrote a mix of instrumentals and songs with vocals, but the band soon became a fusion/instrumental group as Craig bowed out, and I moved on to working with several Chicago-based musicians. And, satisfyingly, The Balance eventually got regular bookings at The Jazz Bulls, which was in my opinion, the best club of its type in the Windy City.

But. I am also a lyricist, and I missed having an outlet for the words I needed to get out.

Enter guitarist Mike Lummio. I met Mike through my (at-the-time) mother-in-law. And we instantly clicked musically. Soon we were getting together every Sunday night to write songs. The Balance continued to perform, but when The Bulls changed ownership, and the new owner decided that he wanted to change formats and bring in funkier/rockier bands with vocals, I decided to shift The Balance's personnel around and brought Mike in on guitar to see what that would be like. And then...

There was a shift in the demographics of the Chicago north side, which was where The Balance mostly performed. Almost overnight, new ordnances came into being about noise and parking, and clubs which had been open for 20 years closed their doors in a matter of weeks. It seemed like a good time to get outta Dodge. So, The Balance went on hold, and Mike and I formed CTTC. And then relocated to Arizona's Valley Of The Sun where we released the eponymously titled, Cut To The Chase album.

Once there, Mike and I proceeded to write and perform a slew of new original songs. Several wonderful musicians from Chicago came out to Arizona to play in the newly minted Cut To The Chase, including drummer Rob Müller, keyboardist Claudia Bloom, and saxophonist Carl Coan.

After a year, though, guitarist and co-founder Mike Lummio, elected to leave the band for personal reasons.

Lineups changed, and CTTC continued. I released the HARD album, which garnered national radio play, and generated worldwide sales.

Eventually, I would go on to put together other groups, including Valve; Blood,; and Subculture, but CTTC holds a special place in my heart.

Here on this Anthology you will hear some previously unreleased material, as well as the band in rehearsal, live versions of studio recorded songs, and a demo or two.

It is my sincere hope that you will enjoy the music as much as I do.

Power To The Peaceful.

June 14, 2019


Those who download the whole album will receive a bonus track of the band performing live.

Coming soon will be a CD Box set including Volumes 1 and 2. Pre-order yours now. contact@heartncommerce.net

Unless otherwise noted, all songs written by Manley and Lummio, and produced by Manley.

© 2019 by Heart & Commerce. All rights reserved.



released June 14, 2019


all rights reserved



Cut To The Chase Mesa, Arizona

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Track Name: RFD
"Do you ever take time off
From selling wars and crowns?
Wasn't that you I saw
The last time John Kennedy came to town?
How come who you can't buy
They have to die?
Why do you get off
On making Martin Luther King's kids cry?"

© by Manley. All Rights reserved.
Track Name: Kool Amerikan
"Buy Amerikan
Let's buy Central Amerika
Let's buy South Amerika
We already own North Amerika
What about East Amerika?
Oh yeah, that's Europe... or Japan
Far East
Far out
Kool Amerikan...
Do you spell cool with an "R"?
Let's buy America for Amerika
And remember the only good interest
Is a self-interest
Kool Amerikan...."

© by Manley. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Braves (Live At The Railway Club)
"Be brave
So what if the lies are true?"

© by Manley. All rights reserved.
Track Name: Homicide
"Among 100 mirrors..."

© by Manley. All Rights reserved.
Track Name: Summertime in Amerika
"It's summertime in America
And the winds've swept down across the plain
Blowin' away the tears
Blowin' away the years
No dues left to pay
It's summertime in America
And you can be from near or far
You've got to seize the day
Got to seiize the day
How many tomorrows do you think there are?"

© by Manley. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: For God's Sake (Live at Long Wong's)
"Keep Summer in your heart
And Winter in you head...."

© by Manley. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Square Dancer (In A Round House)
"For you, Judge Lynch'll shed maybe one bloody tear
There isn't one word you'll say that he will hold dear
They'll build a trap door floor, a place for you to stand
And then they'll wipe the tears and blood from their guilty hands
They'll pull the lever on you if you won't revise your vows
They have no place in their hearts for a Square Dancer...
In a round house"

© by Manley.
Track Name: L.A.'s Burning
"The bumper sticker read: Nothing in this truck is worth your life
The T-shirt red: 'Is this your blood on my knife?

L.A.'s burning in the fires of change
No angels to save us, they were lost in the flames
L.A.'s burning
Will it ever be the same?
And we're not dreaming
And no,we're not insane
LA's burning in the fires of change
California fire, come on and melt these chains"

© by Manley.
Track Name: Mr. Risk
"Hold your hand over the flame
Take the heat, take the blame
You need a reason to exist
You know your name
It's Mr. Risk
Lay your hand upon the block
For you, pain poduces no shock
I've heard it said you're hard to resist
We know who you are, Mr. Risk

© by Manley. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Reason To Live
"Ice all doubts, my friends
it's the meat locker for them
Put a contract out on fear
So it won't mess with you again
Take weaknesses for a ride-- one way for sure
Bust a cap on guilt, got to resist that lure
Hit vulnerability, don't leave a trace
Don't hesitate, terminate pain
Emphasize run, de-emphasize Race

Your reason to Live
It aint' mine to give
Your reason to Live
Ain't hers, ain't his
Your reason to Live
It ain't mine to give
Your reason to Live
It's who you are, all you is..."

© by Manley.
Track Name: Silverlinings (Live at Hollywood Alley)
Track Name: Birth
Track Name: The Last Song
"Into your mind, I tried to see
But it's my own mind I can't read
I ruined things, you know what I mean
So for you, it's the last song

I say
It's the last song I sing
The movie's over, what did it mean?
It's the last song I'll sing
Sorry about us, sorry about everything
Every thing
It's the last song I sing
I wrote it for you
Or did you write it for me?
It's the last song I'll sing
Were you my prisoner or were you my Queen?"

© by Manley. All Rights Reserved.

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